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6 Signs You’re Wearing the Wrong Size Bra!

Believe it or not 80% of the women are wearing the wrong bra size - Opps! Shocking statistics right. We have to say well done the 20% of you who’ve recently braved the tape measure. A decent fitting bra is just as essential as a facial anti-wrinkle cream, in order to prevent premature breast sagging. After all no one wishes for south facing boobs.

Things to watch out for:


Loose straps that occasionally slip off your shoulders may appear sultry or ones that dig in can be painful! Your straps either need adjusting or are a feature of an ill fitting bra. Time to change size.

4 Boobs:

We have to admit having suffered with this syndrome, it can happen to all of us, when seeking a bombshell cleavage. 4 Boob can look great when wearing only bra, so unless you’re wonder woman, we’d suggest double checking with the t-shirt test. Any well fitted cotton t-shirt soon reveals the potential burgling offender in any line up! Start seeking a larger size

Empty Cups:

We are strong believers in our glasses being half full, but in the instance of bra cups, we won’t settle for anything less that a full cup. A loose bra cup indicates you need to try a bra a size lower. 

Wriggle room:

The centre panel doesn’t sit against your rib cage, rides up or down and you’re able to pull the band 2 inches or more away from your body. Sounds familiar ey? Well these are key signs that a bra is on the larger size. Try a smaller size and strap those puppies down! 

Back Fat:

In any shape or form has never been the most attractive look, so definitely one to watch out for with the help of two mirrors and/or a friend. So loosen up, try a larger band size and make sure you always wear your bra on the largest hook and eye fastening. 

Armpit Boob:

Side boobs may be on trend, but armpit boob is one step too far and a clear sign you’re wearing a cup size too small. So hop to it and don’t squish your poor coconuts, make sure they’re sitting comfortably in the correct cup size. 

Our final top tip: When loosing or gaining weight it is advisable to be re-measured every 6-8 months. We hope this mini 6 step guide has aided you on the quest of the ultimate fitting dream bra, best of luck from Bustia and happy bra hunting. Until next time.

Au revoir, Love B x

Bustia Woman of the Month

Chloe Judd, bravely shares her Breast Cancer story.

Aged just 28, Clo’s boyfriend discovered a lump in her right breast. Chloe thought the lump would go away, but it didn’t. Her doctor, thought it was a cyst, but referred her to see a specialist, just in case. After an ultrasound and a biopsy, Chloe was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

As Chloe is diabetic, she suffered several bad reactions and serious complications during her chemotherapy treatment, one course of chemotherapy caused her to end up in a high dependency unit for 5 days! Clo has also undergone a single mastectomy, and radiotherapy. Despite going through such intrusive surgeries Clo has remained positive and is focusing on her Copperfeel Charity, Boobette duties and teaching others the importance of checking their boobs! 


Due to high risks linked to her type 1 diabetes Chloe decided not to have reconstructive surgery, and she has joined, Bustia's pursuit of the the ultimate mastectomy bra. She jumped at the chance to trial some of the initial post surgery lingerie samples, as she has found the existing mastectomy bras on the market inadequate and regularly goes bra-less!

Bustia says no more, to this no bra nonsense. 

  Pictured: Laura Bustia Bra & Laura Bustia Thong, from Release the Puppies Collection AW17. Available Soon to Pre Order.

Pictured: Laura Bustia Bra & Laura Bustia Thong, from Release the Puppies Collection AW17. Available Soon to Pre Order.

Toodle-pip, Love B x

Introducing: The 1st Bustia Collection

Bustia’s very first collection Release the Puppies A/W17, includes non-underwired, post surgery bras, front fastening, mastectomy bras, slinky thongs and pretty panties. The full collection will be available to view online next month, pre-order soon and in selected stores from September 2017.  

The collection was inspired by, fluffy dalmatian pups, boob euphemisms, knitted knockers and the classic low cut, little black dress. 

Bustia’s founder and lead designer Jasmine Ives-Keeler thought it was vital for the collection to embody real fun. So the Bustia customer has no trouble finding her inner confidence and secret smile.

Jasmine also wanted to take the Bustia customer on a wearers adventure. The journey begins with each commercially designed piece appearing like any other, luxurious lace, delicate elastics and gold plated fastenings. Careful not to be deceived by appearances, as underneath the commercial aesthetics is an abundance of hidden, secret technical gems, awaiting discovery. All centred around a woman’s needs during post surgery and whilst on the road to recovery.

Toodle loo, until next time, Love B x

Mastectomy Tattoos

Thinking about having a Mastectomy Tattoo?

You’re in the right place.

When left with scarring and not wanting to put your body under any more trauma, mastectomy ink may be the answer. 

After all, why not celebrate your scars, instead of going through a potentially lengthy and intrusive nipple reconstruction procedure. More and more breast cancer survivors are deciding to take back control and turn their mastectomy scars into works of empowering body art.

Here’s some of the most inspirational works of mastectomy body art we could find:

 Flirty florals.

Flirty florals.

 Creatively Colourful. 

Creatively Colourful. 

 Design your Own Individual Print.

Design your Own Individual Print.

 Be Inspired by Nature.

Be Inspired by Nature.

 Mix it Up with Luxurious Lace and Beautiful Butterflies.

Mix it Up with Luxurious Lace and Beautiful Butterflies.

A breast cancer survivor explained how the whole mastectomy process is rather brutal, and can result in women feeling less feminine. She wanted to revive the confidence boost she used to get when wearing beautiful lace underwear.  The Bustia post-surgery lingerie collection has also been designed to recreate this inner secret smile.

 A Sensational Swirl.

A Sensational Swirl.

5 Top Mastectomy Tattoo Tips:

  • Be prepared to shop around, to find the right tattooist.
  • Consider the length of time to complete, this all depends on the chosen size, detail and amount of colours. Average time ranges from 4-30 hours!
  • Decide on your budget.
  • No painkillers or alcohol beforehand, as these can thin your blood and cause you to bleed more than usual.
  • Avoid infection! Cleanliness is key, both for you and the tattooist. Make sure you have enough time to shower beforehand and check your chosen tattooist takes pride in hygienic work.

Over and out, Love B x