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6 Signs You’re Wearing the Wrong Size Bra!

Believe it or not 80% of the women are wearing the wrong bra size - Opps! Shocking statistics right. We have to say well done the 20% of you who’ve recently braved the tape measure. A decent fitting bra is just as essential as a facial anti-wrinkle cream, in order to prevent premature breast sagging. After all no one wishes for south facing boobs.

Things to watch out for:


Loose straps that occasionally slip off your shoulders may appear sultry or ones that dig in can be painful! Your straps either need adjusting or are a feature of an ill fitting bra. Time to change size.

4 Boobs:

We have to admit having suffered with this syndrome, it can happen to all of us, when seeking a bombshell cleavage. 4 Boob can look great when wearing only bra, so unless you’re wonder woman, we’d suggest double checking with the t-shirt test. Any well fitted cotton t-shirt soon reveals the potential burgling offender in any line up! Start seeking a larger size

Empty Cups:

We are strong believers in our glasses being half full, but in the instance of bra cups, we won’t settle for anything less that a full cup. A loose bra cup indicates you need to try a bra a size lower. 

Wriggle room:

The centre panel doesn’t sit against your rib cage, rides up or down and you’re able to pull the band 2 inches or more away from your body. Sounds familiar ey? Well these are key signs that a bra is on the larger size. Try a smaller size and strap those puppies down! 

Back Fat:

In any shape or form has never been the most attractive look, so definitely one to watch out for with the help of two mirrors and/or a friend. So loosen up, try a larger band size and make sure you always wear your bra on the largest hook and eye fastening. 

Armpit Boob:

Side boobs may be on trend, but armpit boob is one step too far and a clear sign you’re wearing a cup size too small. So hop to it and don’t squish your poor coconuts, make sure they’re sitting comfortably in the correct cup size. 

Our final top tip: When loosing or gaining weight it is advisable to be re-measured every 6-8 months. We hope this mini 6 step guide has aided you on the quest of the ultimate fitting dream bra, best of luck from Bustia and happy bra hunting. Until next time.

Au revoir, Love B x